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Lab SDS "Svyaz-Kachestvo"

2007 Testing Laboratory "Elmas" is registered in the registry system of voluntary certification (certificate № 1 0019 IL 07.12.07) based on the rules of the system of voluntary certification of communications services, communications and quality management systems of communications "Communication-quality" and decisions of the system ( Protocol number 8 from 05 December 2007).


Registration in the Register of permits for such activities in the laboratory system of voluntary certification of "Communication-quality" as:

  • Develop technical requirements for services, communications, and techniques for testing services and communications;
  • Certification testing of communications services, communications, the requirements in the certification;
  • Certification of quality management system;

Currently, more and more service providers and telecommunications are paying attention to evidence that the quality of these services and communications highest requirements beyond the mandatory certification systems. One effective tool in the competitive service providers and facilities is a voluntary certification in the VTS communications-quality "as a way to differentiate its service and products and a number of similar.

Testing Laboratory "Elmas" Your reliable partner in the field of voluntary certification of services and communications.