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Certification of ISO 9000

International standards ISO 9000 were developed in order to help enterprises and organization of all types to introduce and apply the most efficient quality management systems. These standards are approved as national in more than 150 world countries.

Certificate of conformance of the quality management system of the enterprise to International Standard ISO 9001 is often the key argument for gaining a positive public opinion on the enterprise and, as a result, expanding the database of clients and partners.

Main certification stages:

    • quality examination with obligatory documentation procedures executed by Management in accordance with international standards;
    • preparation and conducting the pre-certification audit;
    • consulting on improvement of activity according to audit results

Certification of conformance to International standard ISO 9001 is: 

  • improvement of the company?s reputation in the industry, measure of its actual stability;
  • improvement of products and services quality and overhead costs reduction resulting in an actual profit increase for the enterprise or organization;
  • pre-requisite to receive an order financed from the state budget ;
  • international market entry, chances for close cooperation on projects with foreign partners;
  • attracting Russian and foreign investments;
  • competitive advantage when participating in tenders
  • management system improvement and increasing of its effectiveness
  • facilitates acquisition of licenses and permits.