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Certification of ISO 14000

The international standards for Environmental Managements Systems at enterprises and organizations is one of the most essential international initiatives in the field of environmental management.

Responsibility towards environment is the most significant criterion of civilized business in the modern world. For foreign manufacturers and consumers, an ISO 14000 certificate is a very important reference increasing the companies competitiveness and investment appeal. It is also of decisive importance for operations in the world market and has a favorable influence on business and public relations. Domestic producers also gain more and more experience in preventing the negative effects on the environment.

Potential benefits, resulting from the implementation of an effective environmental management system, are as follows:

  • improvement of the image of the enterprise or organization in the area of compliance with environmental regulations;
  • assuring customers and community of the commitment in the environmental management area and providing evidence of this commitment;
  • an opportunity to meet investors? requirements and facilitate access to markets;
  • reducing the number of incidents giving rise to legal liability
  • saving raw stuff, materials and energy, improvement of cost control;
  • insurance agreements with acceptable installments.